Doujinshi Manga That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are an avid manga reader, doujinshi stories would get your attention as well. And no, doujinshi and manga are different even though the content, art, and material are essentially the same. The major difference is that doujinshi is self-published work. Mind you that Doujin and Doujinshi are not quite the same thing, so if you keep seeing them used in the same way, check out our article that explains the difference between the two.

Anyways. This fan-created works phenomenon has really taken off at the anime market. You must have heard of the Comiket convention. It’s the convention where doujinshi stories are shared. If you love reading manga, don’t miss out on doujinshi. The plotlines can be insane! Many Doujinshi authors are mangaka just like the most famous ones, but they have not achieved enough renown yet, so they choose to publish their works independently.

So, who knows, perhaps the next Eihiiro Oda is hidden between these independent anime artists. Let’s get started and introduce you to some of the most interesting Doujinshi stories with captivating plotlines.

Doujinshi Thriller – Totally Captivated: The Last Episode

Doujinshi manga recommendation

If you are looking to read Doujin manga, Totally Captivated is a great place to start. Its an exciting Doujinshi thriller that will keep you totally captivated as the title implies.

Ewon is threatened by the mafia to work for a lone shark. He has to run dangerous errands without any remuneration. It turns out the culprit who has dragged Ewon into the underworld is Jiho, his jealous ex.
Can Ewon survive this violent underworld under the supervision of Mookyul, the gang leader? There is plenty of action to catch up in this Doujinshi.

From Star Strings – Fantasy Doujinshi Manga

Fantasy Doujinshi manga

If you want to read Doujin and experience wonderful world building, From Star Strings is a clear pick for you.

This Doujinshi belongs to the fantasy genre. It’s about Kororu, a young girl who lives on a planet all alone and cannot recall anything about her past.
One fine day, she is found walking and a string falls down from the sky. She pulls the string and it responds. Kororu gets excited to meet the person at the other end of the string and decides to climb it.

Sabita Yoru Demo Koi Wa Sasayaku DJ – Great Doujin Read About Relationships

best Doujinshi

Two best friends, Yumi and Kan decide to live together after graduating from school. Kan soon after graduating finds a job. She notices something strange about Yumi. Apparently, Yumi had been in an abusive relationship. This doujinshi gives a realistic take on how difficult it is for a victim of abuse to get over their past relationship.

This Doujinshi manga may not be the easiest reading, but can help you see the world in a different way and can help you think about difficult interpersonal issues and the challenges people face in their daily lives.

Slice of Life Doujinshi – Sensei Wa Dummy

bl Doujin manga

Yunogi-san’s grandma dies and he decides to leave town and start afresh by moving to Tokyo. It doesn’t take this 34-year-old long to understand how difficult it is for him to adjust to this new lifestyle.

He has no friends and no job. He decides to say yes to the first job he gets, which lands him in all sorts of troubles even romantic ones. Quite a fun option if you are looking to jump right into the genre and read Doujinshi.

07-Ghost Dj – Supreme Sugar

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This one’s really interesting. Teito Klein lives in a church protected by 7 ghosts. As long as the solider ghost stays inside the church, the evil army of the Barsburg Empire cannot mess with Klein. Not only the church becomes his home, but it also helps him recover his lost memories.

The focus of the fantasy manga is more on the artwork than plots. Therefore, it’s recommended to watch it rather than reading it. There will be some awesome fights and mind-blowing events in this one. So be sure to give it a try.

Fake Second -Doujinshi Crime Story

bl Doujinshi manga

The New York City cops Ryou and Dee love action and each other. This Doujinshi manga shows how men of different personalities unite to solve their cases. This cop duo is always faced with a big threat and the enemy is untouchable. But they manage to solve the crime case every time!

What do You Think of These Doujinshi Manga Series?

Do give these Doujinshi manga series a read and have your mind blown by the content. Let us know, what impression did these stories left you. Or perhaps you have Doujinshi suggestions of your own for us. Let us know in the comment section down below. Either way, until next time anime fans!